Pasties Glue

Pasties Glue


Get those tassels spinning darling! Here’s a handy 5ml bottle of professional skin-safe superglue compatible with our Latex Nipple Pasties, as well as most other materials pasties are made of. Perfect to carry in your purse, and inside a nightclub .
We recommend you use this product or Mastix from Kryolan as your preferred application glues for longer wear.

Product Description

It may not seem like much, but as little as 5ml of this glue will be enough for about 50+ applications, meaning it will potentially last for years of wear!

Here’s our guidelines on how to use this glue:
1. Get naked!
2. Make sure your skin is clean and dry.
3. Flip the pasties wrong side up and wipe their inside with acetone to remove any grease or dust for optimum bond.
4. Apply a thin line of glue around the outline. Avoid the nips if you can.
5. Place the pasties on your body and then imitating a suction cup movement pat them against the skin a few times. This will speed up the adhesion to the skin.
6. Press and hold them in place for roughly 1 minute.
7.… And voilà!
8. To remove, dip a cloth in Spirit Gum remover liquid and *slooowly* peel them off.