kraken-counter-couture-bespoke-explained-london-1THE BESPOKE MADE – Clothes for real people

Looking for something special to be made? At KRAKEN we are proud bespoke specialists.

We welcome commissions from people of all genders. We love dressing shapely beauties, leaner types and those who love the gym. We can design you an outfit and create a new pattern to flatter all the small nuances of the your body specially for you. We achieve a bespoke fit through multiple fittings during the creation of the garment and provide you with fabric selections which best fit your needs and budget. There is no limit to imagination at KRAKEN thanks to our head-designer Caterina Schmitt’s broad and cross-discipline experience in clothes making.

On request, we are able to make styles which include mastectomy bras and swimsuits. Please bear in mind that there is a lot of extra work involved, so we charge extra for bespoke work. We will be able to tell you how much more it will cost when you let us know just what you would like.


In the same way in which every person is a unique being, so are bespoke clothes. Every projects presents different tasks and challenges, that is why it is sometimes hard to give precise guidelines of production times or the number of fittings required before a proper consultation with the client. The one that follow is a rough list of stages most projects go through. This can vary a lot depending on the commission. For instance, in the case the client would be expecting us to reproduce a red carpet dress to fit her, the “Design” step would not be necessary. On the other hand, if a dress is meant to be used for a dance act, some more “motion tests/fittings” is recommended.

  • Consultation – to discuss the project in depth and defining the terms
  • Measure Taking
  • Sketching and Fabric Sourcing
  • Design Proposals and Selection
  • Pattern Making for Prototype One – generally made of a less costly imitation textile
  • Fitting One – assessment
  • Adjustments to Pattern
  • Fitting Two – assessment
  • Final Adjustments
  • Cutting and Sewing of Final Garment

If interested, do not hesitate to contact us for a FREE copy of our bespoke guide and to discuss your project. 


We are happy to accept alteration projects to existing high-end garments which might not be fitting great or that need a certain degree of re-styling. Feel free to email us to discuss your requirements.

Our ready to wear clothing / HOW WE MAKE IT

All KRAKEN styles are custom made to order in our workshop in Angel, London. We don’t hold stock, we cut out and make your things especially for you. Everything is made with individual care and attention with you in mind every step of the way. It takes longer. It’s miserable for anyone to sew hundreds of the same seams everyday for no thanks and bad pay so we don’t do it that way. There’s more to life than margins. We don’t dull down our styles or cut corners to make things cheaper for mass production. It costs a bit more to do it this way but it means we can make all sorts of different styles and sizes and pay attention to detail in the making. It also means we don’t create any waste. We enjoy our work and you get quality craftsmanship. Everybody wins.


The Kraken team worked with intense speed and focus in designing the latex outfits for our EP campaign. Their adherence to the highest standards, while working at such a pace, is impressive to say the least. Thanks Cate!
All my colleagues want to know who designed my gold thread embroidered Nerhu vest! I feel it really accentuates my best features and makes my personality shine.
Working with Cate was wonderful. I commissioned her a lace dress with a giant crinoline. She always kept me updated about the process, which I found really helpful. Cate has a great talent, every time I'll have and Idea to develop, I will contact her to be part of it.
Caterina understood my vision and made it come to life. She works calmly and has incredible attention to detail. Very focused, friendly and everything is made well on time. The pieces were stunningly made and just how I hoped they would be. I definitely recommend her.
The costume Caterina created for our music video was great. Even though I did everything to make her life difficult, she managed to pull it off beyond my expectations!
“I urgently asked Caterina to design me a bridesmaid dress but I had only a vague idea of what I wanted. She created a harmonious dress in no time, respecting my style and taste! It is a pearl of a dress, was perfectly suited to the occasion and thanks to a few alterations she also performed later on, I can still wear it today.”