Face Mask Cover ( Washable ) ( PICK YOUR COLOUR )

Face Mask Cover ( Washable ) ( PICK YOUR COLOUR )


Extend the lifespan of your face masks and brighten up your face: That’s what our super cute mask covers are for! Made of smooth top-quality latex, they are stretchy, comfortable, easy to use and look after. You can buy this model with a non-perforated front, suitable for up to 1 hour of continuous wear, or with a double pieced nose if you’re planning to wear it for longer periods. 

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– Natural Latex ( Option 1: Metallic Shimmer Flamingo Pink, Option 2: Vibrant Red, Option 3: Vibrant Orange, Option 4: Black, Option 5: Classic Red, Option 6: Pearlsheen Blue, Option 7: Translucent Black, Option 8: Yellow, Option 9: Translucent Pink, Option 10: Metallic Copper, Option 11: Pearlsheen Leaf Green, Option 12: Lilac, Option 13: Vibrant Lime Green, Option 14: Light Brown ).

– Thin Metal Wire for nose bridge.


  • Wash in lukewarm water with antibac soap after each use. Let it soak for 5 min, rinse inside and out.
  • Hang dry away from direct light to maintain the vibrancy of colour.
  • Store at room temperature, away from direct light, preferably in a non-sheer plastic bag.
  • Keep away from metals, especially copper.
  • Polish it for wear only with latex-specific products. ( optional )


We would never want to sell anyone the false sense of security that our product can prevent virus infection: These beauties are NOT meant to replace medical-grade masks, they are fashion objects designed to be worn on top of your protective mask to make it last longer, while making you look even prettier. Remember to wash your hands well before applying and removing. This product is not suitable for kids.

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Classic Red, Electric Blue, Light Brown, Lilac, Metallic Pink, Pearlsheen Emerald, Plum, Translucent Amber, Translucent Black, Translucent Lilac, Translucent Pink, Vibrant Lime Green, Vibrant Magenta, Vibrant Orange, Vibrant Red, Black


large, medium, small


pierced, unpierced

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