Latex Bodysuit (pick your colour)Latex Bodysuit (pick your colour)Metallic PinkVibrant Red LatexVibrant Orange LatexBlack LatexPearlsheen BlueTranslucent BlackYellowPearlSheen GreenLilacClassic RedVibrant Lime GreenLight Brown

LATEX BODYSUIT (pick your colour)


This is the latex turtleneck bodysuit you have been waiting for. Easy to zip on, it adds the perfect accent of colour and edginess to a night out. Made entirely out of top quality latex, this killer style it can be cut on a whole variety of stunner colours. Also available in a Not On The Menu version in a separate listing.

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РNatural latex ( Option 1: Metallic Pink, Option 2: Vibrant Red, Option 3: Vibrant Orange, Option 4: Black, Option 5: Classic Red, Option 6: Pearlsheen Blue, Option 7: Translucent Black, Option 8: Yellow, Option 9: Pearlsheen Green, Option 10: Lilac, Option 11: Vibrant Lime Green, Option 12: Light Brown ).

CARE: Store at room temperature, away from direct light and polish only with latex-specific products.

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K. 1, K. 2, K. 3, K. 4, K. 5, K. 6, UK 10, UK 12, UK 14, UK 16, UK 18, UK 20, UK 22, UK 6, UK 8


Black, Yellow, Classic Red, Light Brown, Lilac, Metallic Pink, Pearlsheen Blue, Pearlsheen Green, Translucent Black, Vibrant Lime Green, Vibrant Orange, Vibrant Red