PVC Centurion Helmet with Vegan Boas

PVC Centurion Helmet with Vegan BoaPVC Centurion Helmet with Vegan Boa

PVC Centurion Helmet with Vegan Boas


Carnival season has began! We’re delighted to present this exceptionally fun Rio De Janeiro parade inspired PVC helmet, trimmed with one of our 3 coloured, top-of-the-line, stage performance vegan Boas. Built for impact, movement and resiliance. They’re made of densely stitched ribbons spiralling around a soft centre core, stepping-down to full rounded ends. Available in a one size fits all.

Product Description

PRODUCTION TIME: All our helmet boas are lovingly hand-made to order. Upon receiving your order it may take 2 to 3 weeks for your purchase to be dispatched.


  • 100% Synthetic Ribbons.
  • Two Layered PVC, Matt and Sheer.
  • Under-chin strap is elasticated at the sides. Email us your head measurements to get a better fit, otherwise it’ll come as standard.
  • For more colour and pattern requests just drop us an email, there’s very little we cannot do!

SIZES: One size fits all ( womenswear ) via this listing. For other enquires please email us instead via info@krakecountercouture.co.uk


  • Do not iron.
  • Hand-wash only if strictly necessary (Eg. You accidentally spill wine on it)
  • Please allow extra space in your luggage to transport this headpiece.